More on my Creative Ideas Series and Agricultural Businesses

Food transformation, processing, labeling and preservation is an important aspect in Agric businesses. The transformation of a particular crop into several products automatically creates a full-time business venture for an entrepreneur. Some fruits are good examples of this business opportunity .eg. Avocado, coconut, palm nuts etc. One can get oils from them, these oils can be turned into hair care and skin care products. In my book, you will find the health benefits as well as some nutritional values.  I have also indicated that the foods may have to be properly labeled and the new product may also need to be preserved differently from its original form.Therefore; taking a second look at some crops and looking at their potentials if transformed can be a very rewarding venture.

Why I do what I Do

As a life strategist, solving people’s problems, being an inspiration to others and motivating them to keep moving on is a passion of mine. As I continue to write these books and words of wisdom’ I believe it will make the difference in someone else’ life. I have weathered several storms that have qualified me to be the voice that says  ‘THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU TO CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE’.

Are you loosing Ground? Stop, Think and Re Strategize

Many of us are going through unforeseen circumstances and as a life strategist my advice to you is not to go through this alone. When I wrote The IWAA Achievement Principles. one of the principles reads that you must ‘ surround yourself with the right people. When you have a good support system you can overcome trials and temptations easier than someone who tries to build an empire by themselves. Secondly, the power to overcome lies within you. You have to want to change your circumstance. Take some time to reflect on who you are, where you came from, where you would like to go, what you are made of, whom you are and last but not the list you must map out how you intend to get there from here. Don’t let the noise and present situation distract you from your dream. It is only a matter of time you will get to where you need to go. So stop, think and re-strategize you are a co-creator, create the life you want even in a storm.

Revisiting our Business Plans 2014-2015

It is the beginning of the year, therefore revisiting our business plans, clarifying our goals, making sure we have what it takes to execute is important for our success in 2015. let The IWAA achievement principles be our guide in helping us achieving the success we want in 2015 and beyond. These are proven success principle that can be applicable at anytime in your life.

let’s make it happen this year by changing our circumstances. Are you ready?

Creativity and Innovation as an achievement principle

As co-creators of our lifes, we are constantly creating and transitioning into different phases in life. It is important that we have a workable plan either in our businesses or professional life which will serve as a guide or road map. My last posting indicated we were revisiting our business plans for 2014 – 2015. Some of the IWAA entrepreneurs met and we went over their existing business plans or ideas in which they realized how much effort was necessary to get their products to market. When we write down our plans, it is easy for us to visualize what we are trying to create. Once the picture comes alive, then, the creative and innovation part will begin to emerge as the picture becomes clearer right in front of your eyes.

Take for example a fashion designer who wants to create a new fashion line and everything is in her head unless the idea is put on paper, she cannot see the color contrast, the actual shape/  style. of the garment, and if proper planning is not made on things like where to get the fabrics, how long would it take to produce the garments and at what cost, the designer can run into problems. etc. In order for creativity to take place, we have to be present with a clear mind, tools, a working plan to either create or innovate certain aspects of our lives.

As we create or recreate certain aspects of our lives it can help transform our lives so we do not feel stuck in this fast paced changing world. Find inspiration in magazines, books, motivational speakers that can keep you energized in order to stimulate your creative juices.


Having had several transitions in my lifetime, I had to develop an attitude of not sinking in the sand or break down in a storm. I also realized storms do not last so no matter the challenges that happened after my great plans have been made, I always know it is a matter of time and I will be back on track.

So, as you make your business or professional plans, be aware that you may run into some difficulties but with a solid plan, you can only be delayed but not destroyed if you develop the attitude of storms do not last but your reaction to the storm is what will make or destroy your dreams.

So, which attitude do you want to have towards your future which is never certain?


How courageous are you to take that leap of faith? All your plans seem to come to a standstill. You are told to have a good attitude towards every challenge and it just seems like you cannot overcome the challenge. Remember God cannot give you what you cannot handle. It takes courage to make that next move so call into your life what you want and God will hear you but you have to be ready to receive and follow instructions. Be conscious more than ever and the answer will be there for you to follow. This is the time to listen to higher power, be still and face your fear. I did it and you can too. I did not say it was easy but you will come on the other side.

Skills and Continuous Learning a must in Today’s World

Having a degree is great but in this fast paced world which is constantly changing and by thinking that a certificate from one discipline is good enough and you do not need to be aware of new tools or what is happening in other industries is an error. A creative engineer or a chef with business knowledge has a better chance of succeeding. A farmer also needs better ways of improving his yields, market his or her products and also know the health benefits of some of their crops to better sell it to potential customers. We see the software industry constantly being innovative and developing new software.

Therefore, it is important for us to be in the know, improve on our skills, attend motivational or inspirational seminars to help keep abreast with what is going on and how we can improve our circumstance.

When People Stop Believing in You

As you go on your journey, some people may stop believing in you for reason or the other. That is their journey and decision. You need to step up and own your journey and purpose . Their timeline and intentions are not yours so stay the course and believe you will get to your destination. I have written a lot about living your truths and this is when you have to live your truth regardless of the opinions of others.

Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

No one builds an empire by themselves so stop thinking you can successfully live happily, grow your business solely by yourself, grow your career without having the right people in your life. That is why we have mentors who have been where you are trying to go, business partners who can bring in other resources, friends, and family members to be there when life takes a down turns and so on. Find the people who can support your growth. Attend motivational seminars and meet like-minded people so you can increase your circle of people with a purpose like you. Find that person who inspires you and brings him or her in your circle for constant enrichment.

Life becomes easier when you are in the right circle. Don’t try to be a one-man show through all stages of your growth not only would it retard your growth but you will be doing too much when others could have help lightened the load by transferring expert knowledge or experiences.They can shorten the road to your success and pick up the pieces when things fall apart. So, surrounding yourself with the right team is a great achievement principle.