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Executive Overview

The International Women’s Achievement Alliance, also known as The IWAA, is a US based private organization structuring and implementing a long term women’s empowerment development initiative between Cameroon and USA, and is centered on applying well understood and accepted success achievement principles to improve the lives of our membership and other engaged confidence, and generally organize local women into a wide variety of entrepreneurial roles in the participants.  The IWAA will be leveraging the mature and well developed best practices of selected US business and academic institutions and organizations to teach, mentor, motivate, instill business community.   This includes not only the business owner, but the direct team supporting and working for the business owner such as the key employees and the variety of supporting services offered by other independent professionals that every independent business relies so heavily upon.

In the USA, The IWAA team will continue growing membership through the same empowerment methods, working to communicate our programs and Cameroon based entrepreneurial center activities to individual businesses, universities, industry trade groups, and other interested organizations across the spectrum.  Of particular interest to all participants is the longer term intentions of the initiative, through all of the above efforts, to foster and grow international trade between the Cameroonian and USA membership, depending, of course, upon their particular business strategies.    The IWAA will begin to offer the membership specialized trade support services tailored to the needs of the membership in both counties resulting in expanding the trade opportunities between the women entrepreneurs of Cameroon and the USA.

The IWAA recognizes that it takes a village, a completely involved community effort, to build a worthy service network.  The IWAA is open to all inquiries about to how to benefit from and positively contribute to this long term effort.

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About Us

The International Women’s Achievement Alliance is a global membership network of women working to inspire, empower, and positively transform the lives of women around the globe.

The IWAA is creating and sustaining a well informed self reliant, resourceful, global community of women. We envision a world where women are living creatively, consciously, intently, and grow financial independence resulting in raising the standard of living and quality of life for themselves and their families.

The IWAA inspires, empowers and transforms the lives of women and their families by teaching them the IWAA achievement principles, fostering creative living, instilling leadership skills, developing critical thinking and applying useful principles of entrepreneurship, team collaboration and events.  We also mentor, teach and train the women via seminars, consulting, videos and books.

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