What is Prosperous Living and Living your Truth?

We all want to prosper and as we embark on our truthful journeys and unique purposes in life. So prosperous living would be those things that make us have a fulfilling life like love, joy, peace, wisdom, health, beauty, consciousness and money to purchase some of our needs. Defining a prosperous life as only having money and material things I believe would be cutting us short in the fullness of life. If you have money and no health, joy, respect in your community you will be having only one aspect of a prosperous life.

This new series will be talking about the different areas of a prosperous life and it is time to ask yourself or take stock of your life and see where you think might need some improvement.   Own your life, be your authentic self and enjoy the journey.  Living your truth will lead you to a prosperous life because it is what your soul needs though it may be the road less traveled,  you will be satisfied it is your journey and your destination.

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