Living your Truth and Creating New Futures

Along the way on my journey, I have had people change their minds on me or my purpose. It can happen to you too but the important thing is believing in yourself and creating the new life for yourself.

There were days when I cry myself to sleep as to how I can go on empowering women and not having the support I need. I have tremendous accumulated wealth of knowledge but finding that person or persons who can stay the course can be challenging not to talk of people with same values and integrity. If I stop pursuing my purpose and just go with the collective, I will not be happy nor feel fulfilled.

So, I am living my truth inspiring and empowering women for them to create new futures for themselves as I continue to re-create myself. Life is a journey, not a destination so, I have to live it with all it’s challenges and celebrate the successes because what I have is the present.

So, Live your truth, be present and create today!

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