Creativity and Innovation as an achievement principle

As co-creators of our lifes, we are constantly creating and transitioning into different phases in life. It is important that we have a workable plan either in our businesses or professional life which will serve as a guide or road map. My last posting indicated we were revisiting our business plans for 2014 – 2015. Some of the IWAA entrepreneurs met and we went over their existing business plans or ideas in which they realized how much effort was necessary to get their products to market. When we write down our plans, it is easy for us to visualize what we are trying to create. Once the picture comes alive, then, the creative and innovation part will begin to emerge as the picture becomes clearer right in front of your eyes.

Take for example a fashion designer who wants to create a new fashion line and everything is in her head unless the idea is put on paper, she cannot see the color contrast, the actual shape/  style. of the garment, and if proper planning is not made on things like where to get the fabrics, how long would it take to produce the garments and at what cost, the designer can run into problems. etc. In order for creativity to take place, we have to be present with a clear mind, tools, a working plan to either create or innovate certain aspects of our lives.

As we create or recreate certain aspects of our lives it can help transform our lives so we do not feel stuck in this fast paced changing world. Find inspiration in magazines, books, motivational speakers that can keep you energized in order to stimulate your creative juices.

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