What is the Entrepreneur Center?

The entrepreneur center is a hub for fostering and incubating creativity, innovation, research, enabling access to broadly available local and remote resources, offering useful tools, and obtaining relevant information to be applied for very practical business development projects driven from, and on behalf of the participants.  It is a manufactured forum existing both online and within the local facilities supporting the transformation of individual’s creative ideas into a sustainable value generating enterprise.

……… creating competencies in business models that can attract venture capital e.g. ability to create strong returns investment  capital. In essence, it is the commercialization of this idea, concept, and innovation into a viable business.

The entrepreneur center focuses on training leaders and executives, business owners, college students, developing entrepreneurial culture and mindset and businesses concepts in the developing world. Graduates will be equipped with the skills to be self-employed, creating small, medium, large size enterprises. Creativity, leadership and innovation will be the key driver in the knowledge economy.

The entrepreneur center will set the standard for doing business in these countries, graduating   leaders that will make a difference in their communities. Leaders that will work creatively from what is available to them such as,  natural resources. The center will seek partnerships, sponsorships and mentorship opportunities with other corporations/ business entities, other institution of higher learning.

Students will develop a vision and work on a business plan to achieve that vision.
Training includes, but is not limited to marketing and research, financial accounting, business strategies/planning, effective networking, product and services pricing strategies, competitive edge, promotions etc.
Each graduate leaves with a solid business plan.
The entrepreneur center will help students start, expand and grow their small businesses. This is an 8 week program and each student leaves with the tools to achieve success.
Success will be measured by how well the entrepreneur center and its partners build an entrepreneurial ecosystem to support the program.

The United States is what it is economically because of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The center will have a research library, incubator program books, trade magazines, and professional grade cameras, lights for shooting commercials computers, meeting room and a virtual classroom for some lectures.



– contribute in securing resources that enable the goals of the collaborators

– identify and shape the specific roles and responsibilities of each party

– participate in shared planning processes that drive results to the field projects

– ensure that the efforts applied result in producing on the ground success

– specifically teaching useful life skills and proven techniques that literally raises the
standard of living and improves the quality of life of the women and their families

– articulate the process of developing, qualifying, and refining relative perceptions of
opportunities and specifically teach how individuals can take steps to embrace
their own recognized opportunity.

–  acquiring, building, organizing, and sharing resources that support the goals

– to consistently foster a climate of positive expectations about success,
strengthen the bonds of community, and reinforce individual accomplishment

– developing, maturing, and applying the useful, working knowledge of the teams
and the participating women both in country, and in the USA, to empower the
women’s growth.

Expected Business Development Sectors
Music / Film Production
Web Services/Development
Sales/Marketing Services
Manufacturer’s Representation
Medical Assistance Services
Home Health Services
Transportation/Courier Services
…. and many more

Creating small to medium size manufacturing plants would be a step in the right direction- Small clothing factories , leather purses/bags, African dolls, Footwear.
Unique African Centric products are a specialty that can be developed into great opportunities for many in country.

Also transforming of agricultural products into consumables which can be sold locally or internationally is crucial. Eg Cassava, Potatoes, Coffee, Palm Nuts etc.
Most of these products can be transformed into many types of products that can change the economic situation of several communities.
Industrial machines will be needed to carry out  such projects.
All of these listed crops have been carefully researched and found that there is a large market nationally and internationally.