About Us

The International Women’s Achievement Alliance is a global membership network of women working to inspire, empower, and positively transform the lives of women around the globe.

The IWAA is creating and sustaining a well informed self reliant, resourceful, global community of women. We envision a world where women are living creatively, consciously, intently, and grow financial independence resulting in raising the standard of living and quality of life for themselves and their families.

The IWAA inspires, empowers and transforms the lives of women and their families by teaching them the IWAA achievement principles, fostering creative living, instilling leadership skills, developing critical thinking and applying useful principles of entrepreneurship, team collaboration and events.  We also mentor, teach and train the women via seminars, consulting, videos and books.

The IWAA Team

President / CEO

Patience Awazi: Social Entrepreneur, Visionary, Author, Speaker, Life Strategist

Board Member

Toya Barnette: Hospitality Executive, Author

Advisory Board

Doris Campbell: Marketing and Publicity Entrepreneur

Business Development

Victor Anjeh: PMP, Strategic International Business Development Executive

Eno Adams: Entrepreneur Consultant, Scholar


Nasim Slasor: Candi slasorrealwaves@yahoo.com


Stanley Uchegbu: dkcstudios@gmail.com