What has always infused my life with passion? Shaping and living a life of purpose that empowers women.  Growing up in Cameroon, seeing women and girls not having the financial power nor the voice to change their circumstance, I decided my life purpose would be to empower them someday. To this end, for the past several years, I have put to work my experience as a social entrepreneur and my publications. I pour my visions into public speeches as well as teaching and mentoring groups and individual women about how to create successful businesses. As the founder of the International Women’s Achievement Alliance (IWAA), I use blogs, books, selective projects and events as tools to help women raise the standard of their lives. To accomplish this work, I travel throughout the United States and network with women globally, enabling me to stay abreast of what is needed where.

As CEO of the IWAA, I oversee California chapters in Penn Valley CA, Roseville, CA and San Jose, which mentor and train women in business and professions. I have also created the Professional and Entrepreneurship Center in Bamenda, Cameroon, where women and some men are trained in entrepreneurial skills, personal and professional growth and market expansion. The IWAA success principles, which I published, inspire and promote critical thinking skills. (http://www.theiwaa.com/achievementprinciples.html. https://patienceawazi.com, www.highsocietyeventspro.com

I am a Soroptimist, Oakland (CA) chapter, a Rotarian, Penn Valley (CA) chapter, a former board member of the Penn Valley chamber of commerce and various committees and boards within my network. I obtained Bachelor of  Science degree from San Jose State University and an Advance Certification for Entrepreneurship from Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. I continue to serve as a consultant to the many enterprises within my business networks, making the difference I want to see in the world.